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My wife and I have lived "off the grid" for a few years now. Going into the off grid power idea, we were floored to learn just how expensive solar/wind power was going to be for our home. I then decided to learn all about it and do my own solar and wind power installation on our newly built home. The cost quote we received from a local Okanogan solar install person was around $25,000+. I did it myself for less then $8000. Now I'm ready to save you a bunch of money on your solar or wind powering system. Pioneer Solar & Wind will install for MUCH LESS cost!

It's the GREEN thing to do!
  • Complete Solar & Wind Power Systems 
  • Remote Home/Cabin Power Systems
  • Home Battery Back-Up Power Systems
  • Remote Livestock Water Pumping Systems
  • Surface Well Development & Consultation
  • Battery Restoration 
  • We install Solar Panels, Wind Power Generators, Inverters, Charge Controllers, High capacity storage Batteries, battery cables, water pumps and all electrical and installation parts necessary for a complete custom power systems designed to fit your needs.

    CLICK HERE to see some of the Solar-Wind Powered systems and Surface Wells we have developed and installed

    At Pioneer Solar & Wind Power, you'll find the lowest pricing on solar and wind power installations in the greater Okanogan county area. We invite you to get price quotes from other local solar installers, hang onto their quoted cost estimates, then contact us for a "MUCH LOWER COST" estimate.  There is no charge for us to come out and give you an estimate.

    What kind of alternative power system is best for you? 
    For short-term emergencies, a battery storage system with or without solar panels may be adequate. For longer periods, an added generator may be needed. Solar panels are more expensive to install than generators. But after materials are purchased, solar panels reduce electrical bills every day and do not require the fuel and maintenance generators require.

    Both solar panel systems and generators come in different capacity levels, and provide numerous different options to supply the needs of many different consumer requirements. Pioneer Solar & Wind can help you select and install a system that best fits your needs. 

    How big of a system is best for me?
    If money is not an issue. email us a list of the appliances and their loads that you want to run from your alternative power system.
    If funds are more limited, tell us the appliances and their power consumption loads in (WATTS) that you wish to run, this will help us to determine what size of a system and what fits your situation the best.

    NOTE: All electrical powered items are rated by Volts, Amps and Watts. To determine how many (Watts) an item consumes. Multiply Amps X Volts.  Example, lets say your standard 115 volt AC kitchen blender is rated at 4 Amps of power consumption. Multiply 115 volts by 4 Amps, the total watts of consumption for the blender would be (460 Watts)...

    Are you looking for Solar panels and solar power equipment for your own Do It Yourself solar installation? We offer brand name solar panels for as low as $2.25 Per Watt. Check around and learn just how low of a price ($2.25 Per Watt) of solar panel power really is. Most other dealers charge from $4.00 to $6.00 per watt. Their price of $4.00 to $6.00 per watt does not include installation costs. BEWARE of some online solar panel dealers who offer extremely low prices on their solar panels. Many of them make large profits on the cost of Shipping. Go shop around, you will see we offer some of the lowest prices on solar panels you can find anywhere. Be sure to ask those other on-line low priced solar panel dealers about their shipping costs!

    Battery renewal and Restoration Service
    Deep Cycle, Auto, truck and Farm Equipment Batteries can be restored to work like new again!

    Why did your battery go bad and stop taking a charge before it's time?

    Lead acid batteries are made up of sulfuric acid and lead plates. Allowing a lead acid battery sit for long periods of time with a low charge and or, over use of the battery, (draining it down to low) will cause the sulfuric acid to "crystallize" onto the lead plates. This is called (Sulfated Lead Plates). When the sulfuric acid crystallizes, that crystallization will block the charging power from penetrating the lead plates, where the actual charge is held, then the battery will no longer take on a sufficient charge. When the lead plates become crystallized it will make your battery seem ruined, the battery will no longer perform like it should. At that point, most people will toss them away and buy a new one. In most cases, throwing them away was a waste of a good battery and your money. Most batteries that go bad before they should have, can be repaired to operate like new again. 

    Here at Pioneer Solar and Wind, we can perform an intensive battery restore process that will dissolve the crystallized sulfur from the lead plates, making the battery operate like new again! BATTERY RESTORATION IS THE GREEN THING TO DO!

    Please note:
    Most auto batteries that are over 7 or 8 years or so old, that have gone bad, chances are, it's simply dead to old age, and worn out. In that case, there's really nothing that can be done to repair it. A repairable battery is one that has gone bad before it should have gone bad. Good quality auto, truck and farm equipment lead acid batteries offer a life of around 5 to perhaps 10 years. Some high quality (deep cycle) lead acid batteries can last up to 15 years or even longer if they are taken proper care of. 

    Give us a call, we can help save you a bundle of money! 
    If we fail to make your battery operate like new again, we will simply give the battery back to you, it will cost you NOTHING! Successful Battery Restoration cost depends on the size of your battery or battery bank. A single, average size auto battery will cost about $20.00 to restore. Large truck or tractor batteries will be around $35.00. Large deep cycle batteries and battery banks will be around $60.00 per battery. We guarantee our battery restoration work, or it costs you nothing!

    Washington State solar incentives - solar energy rebates and tax credits.
    Okanogan county is one of the best area's in the entire Northwest for solar power, for two good reasons:  Okanogan county has an abundant amount of solar/sun energy (300+ days a year) and Washington State great solar Government incentives and rebates.  CLICK HERE for details on the Washington's green energy tax credit, rebates, grants and solar incentives like the Renewable Energy Production Incentive.

    Remote solar powered livestock water pumping system
    installed Nov. 2010 in the Okanogan area.

    Click the small picture to view a large picture

    Two 90 watt Solar Panels
    Pump Float Raft & 12 volt pump
    Water proof wire connections
    Panels & Raft installed

    Click HERE to see one of our Home Solar and Wind Power System Installations
    Click HERE to see a Surface Well we developed, it's powered with Solar Panels a Charge Controller and 12 volt Batteries

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